80-881 Gloss Black Ultra Pro-Max Paint KIMBALL MIDWEST

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Three Reasons Why ULTRA PRO-MAX is the Advanced System Industrial Spray Paint:

  • ECONOMICS – The amount of paint solids in ULTRA PRO-MAX is extremely high. Because of this, it takes 2 to 3 cans of a typical paint to give you the coverage of one can of ULTRA PRO-MAX. Plus, since you need to apply less cans of paint per job, there’s a big savings in time.

  • PERFORMANCE – ULTRA PRO-MAX is a superior performance enamel system. In harsh Florida outdoor weather testing against well-known brands, as well as in salt spray testing using the ASTM Test Method B-117, ULTRA PRO-MAX withstood the tests and proved superior.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY & HEALTH – The components of aerosol paint, which raise environmental and health concerns, are solvents and propellants. These are volatile materials which can be inhaled, and, in very large amounts, can contribute to air pollution. Although aerosol paint solvents are not considered to be highly toxic, repeated and prolonged overexposure may lead to health problems. ULTRA PRO-MAX has been formulated to reduce the amount of solvent to a low level. This reduces environmental and health hazards. Plus ULTRA PRO-MAX contains no methylene chloride, which recent research has indicated may be a cancer causing agent.

Meets OSHA Safety Color & ANSI Specification Z53.1

Brand: Ultra Pro•Max
Can Size: 20 oz.
Color: black
Finish: Gloss
Net Weight: 16 oz.
Operating Temperature: Up to 300°F Continuous (400°F Intermittent)
Private Label: Yes


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