CRISTAL Car Detailing kit Interior Exterior (Untouchable, GX3 Restorer, Sacato)

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CRISTAL Professional Car Detailing Bucket kit
2 Untouchable Tire Shine13on
1 Wash & Wax With Carnuba 64oz
1 Foam X Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
1 GX-3 Plastic Restorer 14oz
1 Cristal X Multi Purpose Cleaner 32oz
1 Socato Engine & Machinery
1 Microfiber Cloth
1 Sponge

2 Untouchable Tire Shine13on
1 Wash & Wax With Carnuba 64oz
1 GX-3 Plastic Restorer 14oz
1 Socato Engine & Machinery


  • Protection: Gives short and long term protection. Protects the tire from fissures, dirt and repels water.
  • Lasts: Tires can last up to 10 days with an unbeatable shine.
  • Yield: You can shine up to 24 tires with just one can of 14oz.
  • Efficient: Its wide band spray gives better coverage of the tire and avoids wasting products.
  • Fragrance: Gives out a distinctive cherry fragrance.


  • First make sure that tires are clean and dry.
  • Shake well before use and hold can in vertical position.
  • Then uniformly spray and maintain at least 3” inches distance from tire.
  • Leave products to dry for 3-5 minutes.
  • Do not wipe. Any excess or spill will dry up leaving a radiant shine.
  • Repeat for optimum shine.

 GX-3 Plastic Restorer 14oz

Exposure to the elements fades, discolors, and cracks plastic, rubber and vinyl trim pieces. Cristal Products GX3 Plastic Restorer restores faded black plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces to a deep, high-gloss shine. GX3 Plastic Restorer penetrates deep, nourishes, moisturizes, and restores dried-out trims to factory fresh, wet-black shine. For extra glossy bright shine, wait 10 minutes after first coat, and apply additional ones as desired.


  • Sling-free formula
  • Formulated with waterproofing agents to help it last through multiple washes
  • Restores and protects sun-faded trims and bumpers
  • Absorbs quickly and finishes with a dry to the touch feel
  • Perfect for use on faded bumpers, door trims, window moldings, louvers, fender flares, windshield cowls, and more!

Wash & Wax With Carnuba 64oz
Cristal Ultimate Wash & Wax is a product that contains a duo of soap and wax to clean vehicles and repel water.Cristal Ultimate Wash & Wax is formulated to carefully remove dirt particles which can cause scratches on the paint of the car, motorcycle, etc.


  • Pour 2 oz. of content in a recipient with 1.5 liters of water.
  • Rinse off loose dirt from the top part with a soft cloth or a cleaning sponge.
  • Afterwards, rinse off the entire car and dry it.


  • Formulated to deeply penetrate in carpets.
  • Fresh Lime fragrance
  • Removes bad odor that sticks to seats.
  • It can also be used to clean some types of sport shoes.

Foam X Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Cristal Foam X is formulated to deeply penetrate rugs. Foam X cleans all types of dirt and tough stains on all kinds of tapestry, fabrics, vinyl and porous surfaces.