Fleetguard CC2825 Coolant Antifreze 50/50 ES Compleat (3 Gallons Pack)

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Fleetguard CC2825 Coolant Antifreze 50/50 ES Compleat (3 Gallons Pack)


Fleetguard ES Compleat EG 50/50 Coolant

ES Compleat EG Antifreeze/Coolants are Extended Life formulations that contain Ethylene Glycol (EG) base fluids and are designed specifically for Extended Service use in heavy duty and automobile.

 . ES Compleat is specifically designed for use with ES Slow Release coolant filters or liquid ES Extender to provide simplified coolant maintenance while extending coolant service intervals to 150,000 miles (260,000 km) or 4000 hours of operation. ES Compleat can also be used in standard service maintenance intervals with the use of Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA) and standard coolant filters.
Composition ES Compleat EG Concentrate mixes readily with clean tap water or demineralized water, while ES Compleat EG Premix is formulated with demineralized water and is ready to use. Both EG antifreeze products are low silicate, contain a full charge of heavy duty chemical inhibitors and are compatible with SCA chemical filters. ES Compleat EG Antifreezes are formulated with Borate/Nitrite chemistry recommended for use in heavy duty diesel engines.

Application ES Compleat EG antifreezes are universal products highly recommended for use in all Cummins and similar types of heavy duty diesel engines, and also for use in automobile and light duty applications.

  • Compatible with all other coolants
  • Lifetime coolant with service interval at 150,000 miles, 260,000 kilometers or 4000 hours
  • Provides freeze protection up to -34 °F (-37 °C) at 50/50 premix and -65 °F (-54 °C) at 60/40 premix
  • Fully formulated coolant – does not require SCA precharge
  • Maximum corrosion protection with conventional heavy duty chemical inhibitors and organic acids
  • Maximum liner pitting protection
  • Eliminate hard water scale deposits
  • Low TDS and silicate levels


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