Fleetguard CC8974 Coolant Antifreze Green 50/50 Heavy Duty (3 Gallons Pack)

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Fleetguard CC8974 Coolant Antifreze Green 50/50 (3 Gallons Pack)

Product Code: CC8974 
Fleetcool EG 50/50 Premix

Type: Fleetcool products contain Ethylene Glycol (EG) base fluids and are designed for use in heavy duty diesel engines.

Composition: Fleetcool Premix is 
formulated with demineralized water and is ready to use. Fleetcool contains a Borate/Nitrite,
 low silicate, fully formulated heavy duty inhibitor package that is compatible with all SCA liquids and filters. Recommended for 
 use in heavy duty diesel engines.

  • Compatible with all other coolants
  • Lifetime coolant with service interval at 30,000 miles, 50,000 kilometers, or 700 hours.
  • Provides freeze protection up to -34 F at 50/50 Premix and -65 F at 60/40 Premix
  • Fully formulated coolant - does not require SCA precharge
  • Phosphate and chemical free formula


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