Fleetguard DCA4 Coolant Additive DCA70L 2 Pack

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Fleetguard DCA4 Liquid Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA), 1 Gallon Bottles

Type: DCA4 Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) provides superior engine protection in heavy duty diesel applications where glycol based coolants are used, as well as marine and railroad diesel applications where water is used as the coolant. DCA4 is less toxic and, as a result, is preferred by those concerned about skin sensitivity and coolant spills or disposal.

Composition: DCA2 SCA contains Nitrite for liner pitting protection and phosphate for acid protection.


  • Provides Improved Cylinder Liner Pitting Protection
  • Provides Improved Aluminum and Solder Protection
  • Less Tendency to Form Gel in Cooling System
  • Improved Tolerance to SCA Under- or Over-charging
  • Phosphate Buffers Are Less Likely to Cause Water Pump Leakage
  • Less Toxic Than Borate/Nitrite Inhibitors