Metal Lube Manual Transmission Treatment Additive 8oz

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Metal Lube Manual Transmission Treatment 

Minimizes friction and wear, gear lubrication will be maintained even at temperatures below zero and the lubricating film will remain between the teeth of the pinions even when they work under high pressure and revolutions.

Well lubricated transmissions and differentials will allow the full power of the engine to be used while the vehicle is traveling at different speeds. METAL LUBE guarantees the best response of transmissions, differentials, gears, reducers and other transmission organs. 

It facilitates shifting to allow a fast and precise synchronization. Reduces the resistance of the oil to the movement of the gears. It improves operation at cold temperatures and maintains the stable viscosity of the lubricant in hot conditions.

METAL LUBE treatment is able to withstand high loads and extreme shear stresses. It reduces the excess temperature generated by friction, it cools the mechanisms, taking into account that in these types of equipment, the crankcase can be compact, with very little oil capacity and there is no cooling circuit.

By maintaining an adequate temperature in the oil, it is possible to avoid its oxidation and premature depletion of the additives that make it up, so that the oil will maintain its properties for much longer. With this formulation abrasive, adhesive, corrosive and friction wear is avoided. 

METAL LUBE  anti-friction treatment, is able to improve the lubricity of any oil by more than 500%. Its powerful antifriction action reduces noise and vibrations.


Manual gearboxes, differentials and reduction gears.


Metal Lube contains a chemical that is activated by the friction and heat generated by the moving parts inside an engine or machinery. In this way, Metal Lube clings to metallic surfaces, avoiding the contact between them even under extreme operating conditions, and drastically reducing friction. This avoids excessive heat and noise, factors which cause premature wear and high oil and gas consumption.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Metal Lube made of? 

Meta Lube is made up of petroleum distillates (70%) and synthetic esters (30%). It also contains a petrochemical and a catalyst that activates with the friction and heat generated by the moving parts inside a machine. In this way, Metal Lube’s anti-friction treatment penetrates metal’s micropores, making oil stick to metal more effectively, avoiding contact between metals and keeping the lubricant film whole.


Is Metal Lube an oil or an oil additive? 

Metal Lube is not oil, nor is it a substitute for oil. 

Metal Lube does not alter the typical physical characteristics of lubricant oil. 

Metal Lube does not contain lead, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, silicone, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon), paraffin chloride, or any other harmful component.


 Is Metal Lube filtered or lost during an oil change? 

Metal Lube does not filter. 

Metal Lube is not wasted during an oil change because it is a metal, not an oil treatment. 


Does Metal Lube affect tolerance between parts? 

No. It does not layer or sticks to lubrication system walls. Therefore, Metal Lube, as opposed to other brands, will not block oil flow.


Does Metal Lube increase power? 

Yes. While decreasing the friction rate or the resistance to movement of two metallic surfaces that slide against each other, dynamic friction (the force needed to maintain movement) means less work at any given time. 


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